ATELIER DUCCIO MARIA GAMBI After a Bachelor in Florence and an Interior desing Master at Milan Politecnico, work experiences in desing agencies, artisanal workshop and a year long experience at Atelier Van Lieashout, Duccio set his workshop in Paris for 5 years before moving back to his hometown Florence where he actually lives and works. His projects are always a synthesis between the studio where he draws and the workshop where he experiments with materials and produce most of his works. His practice lives in a cross field between sculpture and design . He works for private commisions, galleries, fashion brands . He won the Cedit Prize at Miart 2017 with Retrostorico for Nero design gallery and Premio Lissone design in 2019 with Guerra Fredda collection.

HARING conceives objects, furniture and installations as a result of a conceptual deductive process based on curiosity and research. Seemingly straightforward and rational gestures contain a storytelling quality, referring to their origin.

-VOUD is a studio with a comprehensive approach that transcends borders between architecture, interior design and carpentry. Using a conceptual approach to engage in a dialogue with the existing situation, concerned with materialisation, detailing and execution.

THOMAS DREEZEN is a woodworker turned designer in Antwerp, Belgium. besides working as a freelancer for architects, since a year he has been establishing his own design studio. Thomas’ interior design is characterised by a no-nonsense approach, yet doesn’t shy away from unconventional use of materials or bending established design rules. His Furniture always starts from a personal wish or need. Considering the idea that the choise in design these days is endless, Thomas Dreezen doesn’t create for the many, just for the curious.

EUGENIO THIELLA Born in Milan, raised in Bergamo and moved to Mendrisio for university studies, he began studying architecture from high school, immediately coming into contact with the term territory. He still attends the master at the Mendrisio academy where he studied among others with Grafton architects, Joao Nunes and Joao Gomes da Silva and Riccardo Blumer as well as having experience in architecture studies in Berlin, Valencia and Milan. He applied a polymorphic approach to his thought, where however the most recurring motifs that remained dear to him are landscape and botany as direct tools of the project. The goal is always to intrigue and provoke a reflection that can stimulate the imagination but that derives from a very pragmatic and sensitive approach.

WISSEL ARCHITECTUUR STUDIO wissel is an architecture studio based in Ghent & Brussels, Belgium. wissel tries, dares, acts and interacts, wissel shifts between drawing, model and image, wissel researches anatomically, wissel ignores the obvious, in search of the unexpected, wissel is the change of course in a thinking process, wissel is the cross-fertilization between thinking and acting, wissel is searching for function-transcending spatiality, wissel is an act of changing to / or adapting one thing to another, wissel changes the position, direction or focus at any time, wissel is a verb.

MATTEO BIMBI is a designer and architect based in Florence, Italy. An architecture graduate from Università degli Studi di Firenze he works since 2017 in the field of furniture design and interior design both solo and in collaboration. He is influenced by his classical education and by his home city in the form of art, architecture and countryside, but also by the chaotic, exciting, and consumerist contemporary world, full of possibilities and challenges.

MATTEO DI CIOMMO was born in Rome and survived in Milan but he has the heart in Valsesia. I believe in things, in those calm and modest, roots of thought and dwellings of wonder. I am interested in observing the inevitable daily reality, which is straight and mighty. I dedicate a loving and forced attention to the most insignificant things in life because they keep me trained the sensibility. I consider the Italian constitution one of the most beautiful projects in the whole history of the project. I often wonder and observe the impenetrable mass of objects without a solution of continuity.

EMBODIES A coming together of architects and artisans, with a specific outlook and engagement with material and craft. A small yet growing team joining together over time by architects Alba Abiad and Naveen Jose. Our intervention begins with a passion to get closer to natural materials and encounter the discoveries and possibilities it offers. We take a deep look into craft traditions to understand the knowledge trapped in these sectors and make an effort to bridge the gap between modern practices and ancient traditions.

ELISE KOPEC x WOUTER VERSTRAETE originally from Belgium, is a creative duo operating between fashion, design and architecture, currently based in Italy (Milan). Their collaboration is a result of a common fascination for materials in their purest form, a balance between materiality and concept, experiment and pragmatism. Elise Kopec graduated in Fashion Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent as well as in Brand and Product Management from Milano Fashion Institute, while Wouter Verstraete graduated in Architecture and Engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven. The F/A ICONIC IRONIC Exhibition, at Antonia Jannone Gallery, is their first publicly presented design project as a duo.

DENARA is a multi-disciplinary association involved in Architecture, Design, Art, Cinema. After several European professional experiences and the attainment of Master degree in Architecture both in Venezia and Mantova, today Nicolò and Francesco work together in Ravenna, collaborating with various architectural practices on the existing heritage. A feeling of belonging for their land, ‘la Romagna’, and more generally for Italy, has slowly matured during these years of training; with the strong conviction that “provincia”, the symbolic place which is actually most experiencing a moment of architectural crisis, constitute the present and future of the profession in the Italian country, the mission they have set themselves is to bring home what learned during the previous years.

SARA BOZZINI is an Italian product designer based in Lisbon. Her recent work consists of gastronomic pieces specifically commissioned by chefs. She endeavors in the production of objects with an artisan soul. A thoughtful design ideation is coupled with the skilled hands of wise craftsmen in a fundamental symbiosis. The production process acts as a protagonist and taking part in the very design process. The result is the creation of unique pieces marked by human presence and respect for the materials.Her creations are born from imaginary interactions, lucid dreams and therapeutic desires.

MARCO BARAZZUOLI was born in Siena in 1986. After studying between Florence and Rome, he began to collaborate with different realities where he deals with exibith and interior design. From 2014 begins the design of objects and furnishings in limited series and unique pieces. His work is distinguished by a careful choice of materials, aimed at enhancing the best their characteristics also thanks to contrasting combinations. He prefers the use of wood, a material that binds it to his land and to the family tradition, which he often work with personally. The passion for the hand-made led him to work with artisans and small workshops in the area, always maintaining accurate control and an active presence in the various production phases.

MAXIME PRANANTO This practice is about practice in a general sense of the word. It encompasses design, production, execution, reflection and rest equally. Itís as much about the engagement with practical demands as it is about being sensitive to the beauty of constraints. Itís a practice of attempt, one that consists of making and not making. All interventions and designs gather meaning through the entirety of their process. The attempt is to intelligently work within circumstances and references without the result of a self-intelligent work. In this sense, the aim is to be neutral. There is no desire to stylize different outcomes which are produced. Maxime Prananto (1993) is a trained architect and designer living and working in Ghent and Brussels. His practice produces interventions, exhibitions, furniture and objects.

ELEONORA CASTAGNETTA BOTTA is the architect founder of Swiss studio based in Mendrisio AnD – Arts and Design. She was born in Palermo in 1980 inheriting the magic of contamination from the Sicilian culture. Architect since 2005, she has always been passionate about architecture, art and design. In 2018, she founded her own creative space for expressing her unique style, talent and passion. Her main intent is to merge the arts by crossing the boundaries between the different creative disciplines. She deals with the design of spaces and objects, working closely with artists, gallery owners, design companies, artisans and private clients.

ERRANTE ARCHITETTURE is a architecture collective established by Sarah Becchio and Paolo Borghino. ErranteArchitetture is particularly interested in the narrative and poetic side of the project through the use of simple construction methods, raw materials and naked details. Model making, drawing, free exparimentation are the means by which Errante Architetture pursue the project, conveying its authentic research into architecture, bespoke furniture, installations. Both graduated at Politecnic University in Torino, Sarah Becchio and Paolo Borghino gained academic and professional experience in Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, China and Netherlands.

ABACO collaborative design studio ABACO is an idea-driven architecture and design firm operating at the intersection of space, technologies and art. Founded in Paris in 2015 by Alice Braggion and Alessandro Carabini, ABACO has a transdisciplinary approach to design strongly focused on innovation and research. ABACO moves freely between the different project scales guided by an open and creative core concept. Their work investigates the relation between body and space, within the framework of new production and communication tools. Exhibited in Paris, Venice, Milan and other cities, they teach Design & New Media at the Paris College of Art, and were awarded with several prizes.

EVA- In contemporary society communication is fast like never before. The exchange of information through images, data, and binary codes which weave seamlessly into our lives, transform man into a constant receiver of content that disappears as soon as it hits. To avoid falling into oblivion and absent-mindedness of meanings and messages that are placed before us, we need to slow down. eva- wants to reach the essence of content to revoke it. eva-, an abbreviation on the word evanescent, is a multidisciplinary collective. Individuals with different interests and aptitudes, unite with an aim to build and give shape to an artistic expression that coherently manifests in every project. eva-’s intent is to develop its own ideas under a common thought without set limits.

As a … AAP does not define the work. AAP emphasizes/enhances/exhibits the wild wo(man)’s thinking. He who finds material on the street, in the hamaam, in the forest… She who handles demolition waste, utilizes the forsaken elements of this western society… AAP gives form to the joyful thoughts of life, trying to understand

the small



EMILIE APPERCE’, LEO BETTINI, DOMINIC KIM are Zurich based Architects. In 2020 they established a loose collective to explore different fields of creation. As we accept that there is not much real newness we concentrate on the principle of reflection to create balance to our current times informatio- nal overload. Things are always observed from an architectural point of view which we tend to believe has no boundaries to other disciplines. We see certain beauty in the idea of a Furniture, that contains a frag- mented reportage of its time. The nature of composing and arranging components in a superordinate context is emphasized through a cha- racteristic visual language and graphical expression.

FABIO DON graduated in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH). His practice focuses on fundamental issues of architecture and the intersections between design and photography by means of construction, research, writing and teaching. His works have been exhibited at the 2nd Architecture Biennale in Rot- terdam (2005), at the Art Museum Arbon (2014), at the Milan Design Week (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), at the ICFF New York Design Week (2012) and at the Lake Como Architecture Fair (2019). In 2019 he was nominated Selected Creatives of 2019 by the Future Architecture Platform. He is currently collaborating with the Mies van der Rohe Foundation of Barcellona, the SAM Swiss Architecture Museum of Basel, the CAN Actions School Program of Kiev and the Zurich University of Arts ZHdK.

SAM CHERMAYEFF OFFICE has an extended interest in how we live alone and together. Sam Chermayeff is an architect and cofounder of the office June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff. Sam worked for SANAA in Tokyo formore than five years, leading projects such as the Serpentine Pavilion and the curation of the Venice Biennale. He has taught at the Dessau Institute of Architecture, Columbia University, and Cornell University among other institutions, and currently teaches at the Architectural Association in London. Both June 14 and his personal office are engaging in a wide range of projects including furniture and multiunit housing projects.

ANNA MACIVER-EK and AXEL CHEVROULET met while studying in Copenhagen. Together, they explore the field of architecture. Through their projects, they strive for precision, as a tool to achieve an architecture sensitive to its context and generous to its users. Their understanding of architecture as a practice inherently interwoven in society leads them to work with different media, ranging from films to their involvement in teaching at the EPFL and the ETH Zürich.

COMTE/MEUWLY is an architecture practice based between Zurich and Geneva. Their projects seek to offer maximum freedom of use, by applying simple and effective architectural strategies. They are characterized by their specific relationship with the context in the broadest sense of the term, systematically integrating territorial, societal and economical concepts into their architecture. Beside their practice, Adrien Comte and Adrien Meuwly are involved in numerous research and teaching projects through their teaching positions in various universities in Switzerland, currently at the ETH Zurich and the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio.

LUCIA AMADDEO is an architect, illustrator and food designer currently working in Zurich. Lucia works organically in the field of architecture and food design using drawing as a communication tool. Drawing is for Lucia a method of analytical deconstruction of reality into surfaces, textures and lines to be transformed into a world of dreams and magic. Lucia studied at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio in Switzerland and at TU Delft in Holland and then obtained a Master’s degree in Food Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan.

PIA MATTHES is a German object designer and artist. She studied sculpture at the Faculdade de Belas-Artes in Lisbon and product design at the State University of Design in Karlsruhe. She realizes objects, installations, sound performances and experience productions. Her work interfaces to a wide variety of disciplinesn.

VITALI STUDIO was founded by Oliviero Vitali and Rocco Vitali in 2019 in Milan. The practice focuses on art and architecture. Their talent consists in bringing architecture and art together.

ORTALLI VERRIER Gaëlle Verrier and Giacomo Ortalli have been working as independent Architects since 2013, when they set up their practice after having worked at Peter Zumthor’s Atelier in Haldenstein – Switzerland. Since then, their work has developed in the fields of Architecture, Urban Research and Design. Recent completed projects include the conversion of a former Garage into a Nursery School, the renovation of a farmhouse into a Guesthouse and a new city Library inside a Castle. In addition, both members are committed to intellectual pursuits in Design Research and they are teaching at at the Accademia di Architet- tura di Mendrisio and Politecnico di Milano. They are members of the publishing house Cosa Mentale and redactors for

ALDO DELI is an award-winning Italian designer and architect. He graduated in architecture from the university of Chieti-Pescara: his thesis project explored the most innovative frontier of artificial lighting called ‘Human Centric Lighting’, with particular attention to vulnerable populations and the usability of products, and it has been published in international scientific magazines. Professionally he works on products and interiors in Italy and abroad. His projects, far from the search for aesthetics alone, always have the aim of arousing a thought and a reaction in those who observe them and interact with them. Today he thinks of design as a tool that has the obligation to dare and the ability to move people.

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